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Nov 26
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A show that has created…
A huge fan following across generations,
Ripples of laughter through seasons,
Is back with a bang!
This time, it’s bigger and better!

Lollu Sabha is a great comic phenomenon with ardent fans spread worldwide. The show has created such a craze that it has blog sites and online communities that feature special videos from the show to relive those funny moments.

Lollu Sabha, a name that definitely tickles the funny bones in one and all, is back and this time it’s packed with lots more fun and gags to give the viewers some belly-jiggling laughter.

The new version of Lollu Sabha promises its viewers everything it had: clever plot, witty dialogues, incredibly funny acts, all accurately drawn to entertain. Lollu Sabha is a satire comedy show that re-enacts popular Tamil films giving it a comic twist.

The show stars the infamous gang of comic actors Manohar, Swaminathan, Jeeva and Seshu from the previous seasons who will keep the audiences in splits.

The new Lollu Sabha is a one hour episode that will feature spoofs on many recently released Tamil films like Pudupettai, Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu, Thavamai Thavamirundhu among others.

So tune in every Friday at 9pm for the perfect remedy to begin the weekend!

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